Who Forms Your Opinions?

Most of you out there reading this will answer "I do." The question then becomes how is that opinion formed and what is it based upon? Simply put, all personal opinions are based on only two factors--your own experiences and information. For the sake of this post I want to tackle the latter.
It seems more often than not, information provided to you and I as consumers comes first in the form of political opinions which permeates into just about every aspect of our lives. From our employment, the economy, the environment, education, even leisure activities, we are all told what is supposed to be important about each of those to each of us.

No matter your political persuasion, most people actively seek support of their opinions. At the core of that support is information.  But do you actively seek independent and factual verification or do you trust the media pundits on both sides and other sources to "tell" you what you should think? If you answered yes. It probably would be best to move on the next topic.

As a young man entering college, I learned by majoring in Journalism what facts are. I also learned that I must first search for facts, not opinions, not here say. Facts can best be judged by the definition. Dictionary.com has a number of entries. The common thread in them all is "real and actual." Just because the government says the figures released show an increase or decrease is not factual. Journalism as baby boomers knew it is, sadly, no longer.

How many of us actually spend the time and effort to research the information provided to us in our daily lives? How many of us place sizable credibility in what we hear and see in the media, on the Internet? Be very careful. If you take the time to "discover the facts," you are more than likely to form an entirely different opinion. It also requires being "open" to reviewing all the information.

And that's the point. In this day of so much information at our disposal than ever before, those of you that understand and review factual information will better understand why the opinions you form reflect accuracy instead of pure emotion.

Well Bob, that's all fine and good. In this space, I provide factual information strategically designed to help you make smarter decisions about Consumer Packaged Goods. I'd love to hear how I am doing? Please let me know in the comments section or send me an e-mail. I welcome all points of view with an emphasis on facts. Thanks for reading today.